Instalment Sale Agreement

Instalment Sale is a simple and straightforward way to finance your vehicle. Should you wish to own your vehicle, this may be your best option. It's convenient to arrange and offers flexible terms to suit your needs.

  • Financing periods can be structured from 12 - 72 months depending on your needs. 
  • Interest is calculated at either a fixed or linked rate, relative to the prime lending rate.    
  • The goods must be comprehensively insured during the agreement period. 
  • There is no minimum deposit payable subject to credit assessment. 

Once you have structured the flexible periods and terms and made your last payment, ownership will automatically pass to you.

The VAT on this option is capitalised upfront on the principal debt into the finance agreement.


The benefits of choosing this agreement are: 

You own the goods when you have paid the full amount. 

You may claim for depreciation and the yearly interest paid against tax (if you are using the vehicle for business or if your company is buying the vehicle).

You'll enjoy the benefit of any resale value.

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