All Road Bundle Product

All Road Bundle Product

Tired of the annual slog of standing in long queues to obtain your license disc? How about getting caught in a roadblock and being told you have outstanding fines that you were not even aware of, nor sure how to settle?

The All Road membership has been designed to take care of these headaches – a unique set of benefits and services to bring you convenience and peace of mind. The All Road membership aims to remove the stress of licensing your vehicle annually, helps you settle fines nationally, and ensures you receive 100% of your claim should you be involved in an accident.


What benefits and services does the All Road membership include?

License Disc Renewal:

An online license disc renewal service that provides you with annual reminders and delivers your disc straight to your door.

Fines Assist:

An online service providing you with a comprehensive listing of your fines and single electronic payment platform to settle those fines.

Commuta Care:

Allows you immediate access to the Road Accident Fund claims system which can effectively halve the claims process should you be involved in an accident. 

Terms and Conditions 

RC VAS Direct (Pty) Ltd are the administration company appointed to provide administration services for the All Road membership.

Contact Details:


0860 266 688